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Admin & Finance Director

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    November 5, 2020

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Job Title: Admin & Finance Director
Employing Authority State House, SWSS
Reporting to: Chief of Staff
Grade level : 7
Salary $803
Hours 36/Week
Location: Baidoa, Somalia


  1. Purpose of the position


This is a managerial position responsible for managing the administrative and financial functions of the state house. In this position, the Director will perform such duties as overseeing the state house’s financial management, human resource planning and control, as well as implementation of HR policy through cohesive employee relations, evaluating human resource policies, programs and practices.


The position is in charge of the state house’s budget development and budget execution (revenue collection & expenditure), in full accordance with the PFM Act (decree) and all related implementing regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry for Finance for the purpose of operationalizing the PFM Act (decree).


The incumbent will liaise with other departments to ensure that relevant information is available to realize state house objectives and priorities are fully reflected in the ste house’s annual budget. In consultation with the Civil Service Commission (“CSC”), support the implementation of people-related services and policies, in full accordance with the Civil Service Act (decree) and all related implementing regulations and instructions issued by the Commission for the purpose of operationalizing the CS Act (decree)


2.Duties & Responsibilities

The Admin, Finance Director will:


With Respect to Financial Management

  • Oversee and support annual and supplemental (if required) budget development process for the Ministry and act as liaison between the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance and state house when negotiating all budgets. Budget development will require utilizing the Bisan Budget Preparation Module (BPM) when the system is devolved to the state house.
  • Manage the budget execution process for the state house, ensuring all execution processes are in full accordance with all PFM Regulations and Instructions as issued by the Ministry for Finance. Budget execution will require utilizing the Bisan Financial Management Information System when the system is devolved to the state house.
  • Prepare monthly payroll of the state house staff in accordance with SWS PFM policies.
  • Produce and analyse required financial reports in accordance with specific deadlines and format as outlined in the PFM Act (decree) and supporting Regulations to the PFM Act (decree).
  • Prepare any ad-hoc financial reports as required by senior management within the state house.
  • Manage the custodian services over all assets of the state house, ensuring they are fully registered in SWS’ Asset Management System, in accordance with any applicable Regulations and Instructions as issued by the Ministry of Finance. Custodian services to include maintenance of office equipment.
  • Support annual audit process, liaise with both the internal and external auditors, and assess any changes necessary.
  • Effectively communicate and present the critical financial matters to the chief of staff.
  • Provide registry, managerial and courier services; manage office records.

With respect to Admin

  • Responsible for the sound administration of the State house including specification of all procurement requirements necessary for the efficient operation of the State house.
  • Ensure safe and efficient travel operations, in accordance with state policies and guidelines.
  • Timely arrange staff travel for using the appropriate local and international flight services.
  • Maintain timely communication and provide travel updates to the staff concerned and the administrative focal points in regions and districts.
  • Timely processing of travel invoices for payment while ensuring complete documentation including boarding passes.
  • Preparing monthly and weekly reports on guesthouse occupancy, tickets issued, and hotel reservations.

With respect to other duties

  • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the chief of Staff.
  1. Qualifications and Experience
  • Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or administration – essential
  • The position requires at least 3 years’ experience obtained in managing a financial public / private sector department.


  1. Knowledge
  • Sound human resource management skills – essential
  • Demonstrated sound financial management skills – desirable
  • Sound leadership and organizational development skills – essential
  • Intermediate understanding of accounting standards – essential
  • Solid understanding of the public financial management legislation, procedures and practices where it relates to accounting and financial reporting,
  • Basic knowledge of public service functions and practices.
  • Good understanding of accounting and financial reporting
  • Intermediate knowledge of computerized accounting systems
  • Current public sector reforms and best practices in countries similar to Somalia


  1. Competencies
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Honest and fair in applying rules
  • Ability to meet critical deadlines while maintaining accuracy
  • Must be a computer literacy
  • Must be able to assist senior management on human resource matters
  • Must be knowledgeable in human resource and business practices and procedures.
  • Ability to motivate and mentor Ministry staff.
  • Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing.
  • Must be assertive and be able to easily identify, analyze and solve complex problems.
  • Able to efficiently utilize human resources and financial management information systems


How to Apply


  • Please click this link and download the form: Application Form after filling this form, confidential application can be addressed to Recruitment@southwestcsc.so not later than 5th Nov 2020.
  • and please attach only the form you filled.
  • Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for interview.
  • Note: Write the title of the position on the subject of your Email.
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