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Director General for the Ministry of Ports and Maritime Transport

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Post                 :  Director General

CS Grade       :  8

Ministry          : Ministry of Ports and Maritime Transport

Duty Station   :  Baidoa

Term               :  as per Contract

Salary             :   1,285 USD

A.  Background

The Director General is the administrative head of a government Ministry, the senior most Civil Servant in the Ministry and the accounting officer of the Ministry. In the Civil Service Act of the Southwest State of Somalia, a Director General is also designated as the head of an employing authority or the Permanent Secretary. The Director General is responsible for the day to day operations of the Ministry. He works directly under the Minister and is expected to fulfil his obligations in a manner that reflects and advances the priorities and ideology of the Minister and by extension, the State Government.

As a senior member of the Civil service, the operations of the office of the Director General must abide by the values of the Civil Service set out in Article 115 of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia and reproduced in Section 5.1 of the Civil Service Act. These values are enumerated as fidelity to the constitution, compassion, transparency, community service, respect for administrative hierarchy, obedience, confidentiality, work ethics, efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, principles of fairness, equality and best practices. The Director General must also operate in accordance with and within the bounds of the Civil Service Act of the Southwest State of Somalia at all times.

The Director General is responsible for the realization of the Ministry’s vision, goals and objectives. These objectives include, among others, promoting maritime transport, establishing a regulatory framework for maritime transport to make it economically and environmentally sustainable and capacity building for the sector. The Director General shall ensure that the day to day operations of the Ministry as well as it resources are directed towards achieving the Ministry’s goals.

B Reporting Obligations and Supervisory Duties

The Director General shall report directly to the Minister for Ports and Maritime Transport.

The Director General shall coordinate, direct and supervise the operations of all departments of the Ministry. He shall maintain a working relationship with the Merka and Berawe Port Authorities.

The office of the Director General shall liase with the concurrent office in the Federal Government and other States so as to ensure that the Port administration and Marine Transport sector in Southwest State fits within and is connected to the port and marine transportation administrations of the Country as a whole. He shall also liase with the security establishment to ensure the safety of ports.

C. Primary Responsibilities of the Director General

  1. The Director General shall be the Chief Advisor of the Minister on matters of policy.

The Director General shall work closely with technical experts, taskforces, regional offices and other relevant bodies in the development of policy options so that he can recommend courses of action to the Minister. At all times, any advice and recommendations rendered to the Minister shall be well -informed, balanced and evidence – based.

2. The Director General shall be the chief accounting officer of the Ministry.

The Director General shall be responsible for the day to day management of the Ministry’s budget and shall accordingly undertake the planning, budgeting and allocation functions in the Ministry. He shall sign off on financial disbursements and maintain or ensure the maintenance of proper financial records.  Ultimately, the Director General shall be held accountable for the utilization of money allocated to the Ministry by the Parliament of Southwest State.

3. The Director General shall be the administrative head of the Ministry.

The Director General shall supervise and monitor the operation of departments, agencies, units and sections under the Ministry to ensure they are operating efficiently and at maximum productivity. He shall foster a healthy working environment by overseeing the establishment of reporting structures, communication channels and complaint mechanisms in the Ministry.

4. The Director General shall institute programmes, initiatives and at all times take the measures necessary to implement policy decisions taken by the Minister.

Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the Director General shall perform the following functions specifically provided for in the Civil Service Act:

a. Be responsible for ensuring that the Ministry is structured to ensure effectiveness;

b. Be responsible for ensuring that the Ministry meets it goals and objectives and that its activities are fully provided for within the annual budget;

c. Notify the Civil Service Commission when there is a requirement to fill a vacant position or positions in his Ministry

d. Appoint, subject to approval of the Civil Service Commission, a suitably qualified employee in an acting capacity where the substantive occupant of that position is unable to perform their duties or is on leave; and

e. Appoint, subject to the Approval of the Civil Service Commission, a suitably qualified employee to fill a vacant position while recruitment is ongoing for a substantive occupant of that position.

f. Be responsible for directing and implementing acts & regulations of southwest civil service.

D. Guiding Principles

In addition to the values of civil service embodied in Article 115 of the Constitution and in the Civil Service Act, the Director General shall be bound by the following principles in the performance of his mandate:

  1. Accountability;
  2. Inclusiveness and non- discrimination;
  3. Equity and social justice;
  4. Human Dignity;
  5. Integrity;
  6. Democracy and the Rule of Law; and
  7. Principles of Good governance.

 E. Academic Qualifications and Experience

An applicant for the position of Director General should possess:

  1. A University Degree from a recognized university in Public Administration, Management,  Earth & Marine science, Logistical systems or other related field.
  2. At least Five [5] years’ experience in a managerial or administrative position.
  3. Proficiency in basic computer applications.
  • F. Skills
  1. Good interpersonal skills;
  2. Innovative and entrepreneurial;
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  4. Good analytical skills;
  5. Sound independent judgment;
  6. Strong administrative acumen; and
  7. Fair understanding of the political, social and economic landscape of Southwest State.

How to Apply


  • Please click this link and download the form: Application Form after filling this form, confidential application can be addressed to Recruitment@southwestcsc.so not later than 10 th October 2021.
  • and please attach only the form you filled.
  • Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for interview.
  • Note: Write the title of the position on the subject of your Email.
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