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Director of Admin and Finance

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    February 4, 2022

Job Advertisement

Job Title: Director of Admin and Finance

Institution : Office of the southwest Assembly

Department: Admin Finance

Grade Level & Classification: Grade 7

Reporting to: Secretary General

Hours: 36 Hrs

Location: Baidoa, Southwest State of Somalia

1. Purpose of the position

This position is the head of the Admin and Finance Department and is a managerial position responsible for managing the administrative functions of the Office of the southwest Assembly and the effective administration of the monthly payroll system for the office.

Responsibilities also include maintaining and enhancing the Office of the southwest Assembly human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices. Also This position is responsible for all financial management processes of the Office of the southwest Assembly including budget release and commitment control, payment processing, cash management services, management of the financial management information systems (FMIS), preparing Office statutory statements for audit, and providing periodic financial management reports in relation to accounting for the actual budget and the necessary financial reporting to the Office of the southwest Assembly  and citizens at large.

Also Duties include working with other members of the senior Management of the Office of the southwest Assembly to monitor and evaluate financial policies and strategies that impact the South West State of Somalia. Also assist with the Office administration and human resource issues and ensure they are dealt with in accordance with the CSC legislation. Provide advice and support to senior management in the development and management of the Office of the southwest Assembly administration budget and preparation of the payroll budget. The Admin and Finance will also provide written Instruction, expenditure procedures and guidelines on the processes to be followed by office of the parliament when seeking payments based on the approved budget, and on other financial matters as set out in the Public Financial Management Decree.

2. Responsibilities and Duties

The Admin and Finance Director will:

2.1       Administration and HR

  1. Be responsible for the sound administration of the office of the southwest assembly  including specification of all procurement requirements necessary for the efficient operation of the office.
  2. Oversee human resource matters of the office of the southwest assembly Speaker(s). This includes:
  • Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions and submitting to the CSC.
  • Assisting in conducting orientation and training programs for new recruits.
  • Training and mentoring senior managers to coach and discipline employees.
  • Ensures legal compliance of the CSC legislation on all human resource matters.
  • Maintains management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures.
  • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records.
  • Maintains human resource staff job results by counselling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  1. Work with the senior management with the preparation of the payroll budget.
  2. Ensuring the proper management of the payroll system for the ISWA to ensure staff receive their pay and entitlements in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with SWSS laws, regulations and policies.
  3. Representing the Ministry of Finance on the CSC recruitment selection panel
  4. Perform any other related duties as may be required

2.2 Financial Management and Planning

  • Oversees the maintenance of internal control systems to ensure there exists a satisfactory financial management system covering the operations of the office of the southwest Assembly.
  • Approves all the office of southwest assembly -related expenditures, both manually on the required Commitment Payment Orders (CPO) (POSA) and electronically using the Post/Print function within the Bisan FMIS.
  • Monitors any shortcomings and irregularities in the payment processes and informs the Treasurer of the Office of the southwest Assembly
  • Ensures corrective measures are implemented to address any irregularities.
  • Develops the annual budget for the Office and ensures that appropriate business plans are in place and have been approved by the Secretary General.
  • Oversees the payment processes for services performed or projects undertaken utilizing Office funding and ensures that only eligible payments are made.
  • Monitors projects and resources (money, material and employees) to ensure that the Office funded projects are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Ensures that all project deliverables are in line with agreements and legislative standards and expectations.

2.3  Strategic management, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Oversees the development and implementation of an Admin and Finance long-term strategic plan.
  • Coordinates with the Secretary General to obtain approval of the strategic plan from the appropriate authorities and ensures it is successfully implemented for long term sustainability.
  • Manages the development and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system, process and standards for the projects and services rendered.
  • Supervises the performance of ongoing projects against the agreed performance levels.
  • Oversees the evaluation of the Admin and Finance performance against the strategic goals and objectives defined by the Secretary General.
  • Ensures the development and implementation of processes and procedures in order to improve service standards, productivity and efficiency within the A&F.

2.4 Reporting

  • Oversees the compilation of the office of southwest assembly  Budget-mandated quarterly financial monitoring reports and submits to the Secretary General.
  • Oversees the compilation of office of southwest assembly  Budget-related annual financial statements for purposes of providing to the Auditor General.
  • Oversees prompt preparation of all financial information regularly required by the Secretary General.
  • Retains overall accountability for the activities of EAFS and ensures public, legal and professional accountability. This includes working with the Permanent Secretary to develop a healthy governance environment within the EAFS department.
  • Leads and directs staff within the department so that they meet their objectives.
  • Monitors and manages staff performance by implementing the department performance management system, which would be replaced by a SWSS performance management system once one is developed and put in place.
  • Ensures adherence to required SWSS legislative Human Resource practices polices and processes.

3. Qualifications and Training

  • Professional accountancy qualification (CA, ACCA, CIPFA, CPA or equivalent) – desirable
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Finance or Administration (BSc/BCom/BBA). – essential
  • Sound Public Financial Management Skills Civil Service Policy. – essential
  • Intermediate knowledge of accounting standards – essential
  • Sound leadership and organizational development skills. – essential
  • Computer literacy and familiarity with accounting software packages. – essential

4. Learned Discipline

Must possess a sound knowledge of:

  • The public financial management procedures and practices.
  • Public service policy and formulation.
  • Current public sector reforms and best practices in countries similar to Somalia.

5. Competencies

  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Must be able to make prudent financial and budgetary decisions as well as be proficient in managing financial data.
  • Must be knowledgeable in accounting practices and procedures inclusive of cash management techniques.
  • Must possess good leadership and team building skills.
  • Ability to motivate and mentor Admin and Finance Department staff.
  • Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing in English and Somali.
  • Must be assertive and be able to easily identify, analyse and solve complex problems.
  • Ability to plan and organize work, including special assignments in order to meet deadlines.
  • Must have experience of managing cash resources and dealing with debt providers.

6. Required Experience

The Admin & Finance Director is  required at least 3 years’  work experience that reflects strong leadership and managerial ability and financial administration.

7. Performance Criteria

The incumbent is deemed to be performing his duties effectively when:

  • Creditors are paid in a timely manner and in accordance with Governments credit terms
  • Public financial management legislation, rules, policies and guidelines are adhered to in the performance of duties.
  • The Government’s financial system is accurately managed and maintained to ensure timely and accurate data is available to users at all times
  • Admin Department staff effectively carries out their functions.
  • Reconciliations for all key areas are prepared and accurate and carried out at least monthly and at the end of the financial year.

How to Apply

  • Please click this link and download the form: Application Form 
after filling this form, confidential application can be addressed to recruitment@southwestcsc.so not later than 4th February 2022 and please attach only the form you filled.

  • Note: 
Write the title of the position on the subject of your Email.
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